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VET Vocational Education and Training

VET Applications Close

Friday 23 August (Wk 5) for Year 11 Thursday 29 August (Wk6) for Year 10

Application Process

1. Familiarise yourself with the 2020 Vocational Course information available at the below links or the student office.

a. 2020 VET course Information

b. 2020 VET information for students & families (including FAQs)

c. 2020 VET Course Application

2. Complete the 2020 VET Course Application including signatures of both student and parents/caregivers.

3. Where appropriate, attach additional evidence to support your application.

4. Return the completed 2020 VET Course Application together with your Course Selection form to Ms Stephens, Vocational Pathways Coordinator.

5. Ms Stephens will sign your Course Selection form and check that the course aligns with your pathway and subjects chosen.

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